If you are selling anything online, you need an ecommerce strategy to attract your target Customers



If you’re selling anything online, you need to continually attract the people that need your products to your website and make it easy for them to find what they need in the quickest amount of time.

A comprehensive ecommerce strategy enables us to map out who we want to target and develop a cross-channel approach to conversion.

Many potential customers use various devices - a desktop at work, a mobile on the way home and a tablet in the evenings - to research the items that they want to purchase.  Our personalised messaging needs to remain consistent to support their Customer journey to purchase.




Google (and Bing) allow us to create ads with images of our products that can improve CTR and CPA.  With Google Shopping, prospective Customers see the product and the price before they click which can make it much cheaper overall and result in a higher conversion rate.


Google Shopping Ads (also known as Product Ads) tend to appear at the top of the search engine listing, in some case about the Ads giving our images prime page real estate to attract those people who are typing in exactly what they are searching for in Google.




When someone is looking for our product, we want to get them to our site!  Using Paid Media campaigns to support our overall strategy allows us to instantly grow the relevant traffic to our product pages and convert more new visitors into Customers.


There are various tactics we can use when implementing a paid campaign across various channels including Google, Bing, Facebook and Instagram.


By measuring all costs, results and revenue, we can quickly see where we are getting the best bang for our buck and can optimise for improved ROI.

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Whilst a paid campaign can be an instant fix, if there are keywords that are too expensive but can drive a lot of conversions, then we need to look at alternative options to attract people searching for these.


Creating and implementing a cohesive strategy that will grow relevant organic traffic over time will enable us to reduce spend in certain areas whilst still growing sales and revenue.  


SEO will increase the amount of “free” traffic to the website and should work together with all Paid Media campaigns.


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