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OMDIGI Group continues to help some of Australia's most recognized brands get found and engage visitors online.

Having a sound organic search strategy is crucial to the success of your business. Our SEO experts get knee-deep in data, technical architecture and UX to analyse every aspect of your site, whether it’s live or in progress, to ensure that you have the best opportunities to grow your Organic traffic.

Our Approach

Our Approach

As with any profession, doctors, engineers or teachers we need to diagnose the problem before we can start working on it.

An SEO technical audit does just that. We will assess your website technical structure, link quality, navigational issues and keyword positioning to mention a few.

We develop SEO strategies centered on your customers and Industry. Over the years we have found that the best performing businesses are those that have an innate understanding of their customers and industry.

Through comprehensive analysis of customer behaviour we can determine how they search online for your services. Once equipped with this data we develop an SEO strategy that puts your business in front of your customers when they need you most.


Industry Analysis

Industry Analysis

A good understanding of your industry allows us to identify your business’ strength and weaknesses. We run a competitive analysis report to identify quick SEO wins for your business. This assessment of your industry will advise our link building strategy based on industry competitiveness allowing us to develop a winning SEO strategy for you.

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Link Building & Acquisition

Link Building and Acquisition

At OMDIGI group we employ a wide variety of industry specific link building techniques to give your website the search engine rankings it deserves.  We offer only white hat link building in compliance with Google Webmaster Guidelines guaranteeing increased organic visibility.


Web Optimisation

Web Optimisation

Now that we are equipped with invaluable data and a strong understanding of your business, website and audience we are ready to dive into SEO web optimisation.

We will develop a well-rounded SEO strategy built on addressing any issues uncovered in the diagnostic stages. Our web optimisation strategies are proactive and ever evolving allowing your business to stay ahead of the competition.

Our SEO web optimisation process begins with an addressing any on page issues from metadata, schemas, spammy links, response code errors, duplicate content etc.


Hear from Our Clients

Working with OMDIGI Group has been a great decision for us and the account has grown significantly so that all of the CWG brands are included in the scope. This is a true testament to their hard work, dedication and commitment to our business.


We have worked with several Agencies over the years but with OMDIGI Group, we have found a trusted partner with whom we can grow and lead us in the right direction for success.


The team at OMDIGI Group understand exactly what we need to do and work side by side with our team to ensure that we are getting the best results from our campaigns.

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