Why AMP for Email is a Potential Game-Changer for Digital Marketers

AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages was originally used to speed up the loading time of web pages. It has since fulfilled that purpose and is now widely used across the internet by many websites to significantly reduce load times. AMP has also evolved in a number of different ways since its inception and performs many other functions beyond simply increasing loading speed. One of the newest and potentially the most ground breaking evolution is AMP for email.

Email marketing is a widely used tool by many marketers and many customers prefer to receive promotional content through email rather than through social media. However, due to the static nature of emails there are limits on how marketers can engage and interact with customers through email. This is where AMP emails are different. AMP email transcends many of these limitations by allowing emails to be interactive and dynamic, characteristics that wouldn’t normally be associated with email. AMP will allow people to book appointments or rsvp for events within the email without having to click a link to a company’s website. This will make it much easier for potential customers to reach the conversion stage as it will result in fewer clicks needed to get there.

With AMP, the process of converting a customer into a sale or goal starts right from the email and is not dependent on whether or not they choose to follow the link to a company’s website. This has massive implications for the future of email marketing. Emails may become the landing pages of the future with AMP allowing emails to feature the same level of interactivity and engaging content as a website.  

Gmail, one of the biggest email providers, announcing they will be implementing AMP support for emails signals the beginning of this revolution in email marketing. Additionally, other leading email providers have announced plans for AMP support including Yahoo Mail, Outlook and Mail.ru. With all the major email providers on board and all of the potential benefits of AMP email, it seems clear AMP is the future of email marketing.

The future of email marketing, much like the world of digital marketers, will not be static, it will be dynamic, fast, interactive and engaging. It’s an exciting future for email marketing and an exciting future for digital marketers who will have to understand and master this powerful new tool.