What is Search?

Search is a term that refers to the action of using a search engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and if we go even further back, Alta Vista and Ask Jeeves.

The goal of all these search engines is to help you find what you are looking for.  Currently in Australia the market split between these search engines is quite lopsided.

  1. 92% Google
  2. 7% Bing
  3. 1% Others

When it comes to digital marketing and in particular pay-per-click (PPC) most people forget about the importance of Bing.  This is a huge oversight as  majority of computers set up in corporate environments/offices are running on Windows and have their configurations locked, meaning people are using Microsoft Edge or Explorer where their default search engines are Bing.  So don’t forget to think about implementing a PPC strategy on Bing Ads, as well as Google Ads.

Some Interesting Search Facts

  • 6 billion searches happen on Google globally in a day in the year 2000, there were only around 18 million searches a day
  • On average a person searches 3-4 times day
  • 95% of all clicks happen on page 1
  • The first Organic result on a page gets around 30% of all search traffic and by the time you hit the 5th result you are getting less than 5%

So now we know the importance of Search, how do we optimise our site for it so we show up as high as possible? Well there are 2 types of Search Marketing.


SEO or Search Engine Optimisation

Paid Per click marketing or Paid Search