Marketing Trends to Watch in 2020

Innovations in digital media, online platforms and technology will revolutionise marketing trends in 2020. Businesses are leveraging opportunities to adopt the latest marketing techniques and tools in order to increase brand awareness and attract more consumers.  Digital marketers must be aware of these emerging trends in order to stay on...

The Beginner’s Guide to Amazon Ads

It’s no secret that Amazon is dominating the world.  Today, the word ‘Amazon’ has become synonymous with online shopping. Ever since it was launched 25 years ago in Jeff Bezo’s garage, the online retailer giant has flourished and is expanding into new markets with various products, service offerings and acquisitions....

Selling Apartments? 7 Ideas for Marketplace Success in 2020

Want to successfully advertise your apartment in 2020?  These top apartment marketing ideas will help you elevate your digital presence, leading to greater customer prospects and leases. Due to the influx of selling competition in the apartment and real estate industry, you need to be proactively searching for the best...

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