All Aboard the Instagram Filter Quiz Hype!

Instagram Filters Quizzes are the hottest sensation right now. From quizzes like “Which Disney character are you?” and “Which Office character are you?” these apps latest iterations is a fun and innovative twist on the typical personality quiz and will no doubt be a fantastic way for you to procrastinate! ...

Why AMP for Email is a Potential Game-Changer for Digital Marketers

Created by Google, Accelerated Mobile Pages is a HTML webpage that has been stripped down, to reduce page load times and provide content quicker to the end user. AMP has evolved in a number of different ways since its inception and performs many other functions beyond simply increasing loading speed....

How will the removal of likes on Facebook and Instagram change social-media?

Likes, comments, and shares are our main tool to measure the popularity of posts and are probably the 3 main “at-a-glance” engagement metrics we look at as marketers.  Social media “like” buttons create a sense of competition among users however they are often seen as vanity metrics and have no...

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