Facebook Shifts to Focus on User Privacy

Have you read the latest news from Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg?  He posted an in-depth article on Facebook last week which outlined plans to shift the focus and vision for the platform to be more around privacy-focused messaging. It’s a lengthy read but certainly well worth investing the time if you’re a marketer or someone with an interest in data privacy in general.

Read the full article here:


The article talks about the principles on which their products will be built and also how they will rebuild their current services to make these a focal point. A brief overview is below:

  • Private interactions – giving people the confidence to communicate with no fear of others being able to access what has been said
  • Encryption – ability to keep people’s communication private and secure
  • Reducing Permanence – driving more towards time-sensitive communications so that things aren’t stored longer than necessary
  • Safety –  providing a safe environment for people to work within
  • Interoperability – ease of access and use of all of the Facebook suite of applications
  • Secure data storage – ensuring data is stored in the most suitable place.

These concepts and ideas are fleshed out by Zuckerberg in greater detail within the article but it definitely shows that Facebook, as a platform, is continuing its trend of constantly evolving.

What this means from a Digital Marketing standpoint is yet to be seen. As the focus shifts more towards securing the meaningful conversations people are having with each other in apps such as Messenger and WhatsApp, it stands to reason that we will have to reevaluate how we identify and communicate with people in a less intrusive and constructive manner.