Do I need a digital marketing agency as well as a creative agency?

The advertising industry has relied on creative agencies for decades, even before the internet. Creative agencies were responsible for delivering artwork, brand colours and any creative output associated with a businesses needs. Whether it would be a strong logo, creative colour combination or striking headline, the design of the ads determined how your business would perform. Recently, creative agencies are coming into direct competition with digital agencies. With the rise of online advertising, digital marketing has become one of the most sought after services, but what are the differences between the services provided by creative agencies vs digital marketing agencies? And which does your business need?

Creative Agencies

Creative advertising agencies, also known as a brand agency, focus on the design aspects of your business and its brand. Their job is to help create the visual story behind your brand while ensuring that it is relatable, unique and easily communicated to your intended audience. Common services offered by creative agencies include: logo design, letterheads, business cards, graphic design (for social media posts, billboards, display advertising) and copy writing.

Digital Agencies

Digital Marketing agencies are essentially promoting your brand or product in the digital sphere. The can provide a variety of marketing services, including:

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Creation
  • Online Lead Generation

Some agencies only provide one or two of the above services, while others can offer clients a variety of digital marketing services inclusive of some design services.

Which one do I need?

Essentially, both agencies should work in unity. A creative agency is focused on the message and how it is delivered while a digital marketing agency is focused on getting that message out there to as many individuals in their desired audience as possible. Having both a visual message and the expertise to drive said message in the digital sphere is essential. 

Digital agencies have more to offer. They can deliver a range of solutions for the entire customer journey, including sales and marketing and providing suggestions for different ways to advertise. With that being said, most digital agencies have a few designers on staff, making it a complete package.

At OMDIGI, we’re both a digital marketing agency and a creative agency. We have the expertise to help you grow and nurture your brand direction and visual identity while also having the knowledge to deliver your message onto a digital platform with our many marketing services.

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