Virtual Reality Marketing: Digital Marketing in a Virtual World

Virtual Reality is still a very young and emerging technology but has already exploded in terms of growth and popularity. As a result, virtual reality marketing is full of untapped potential waiting to be utilised by the next innovative, tech-savvy Digital Marketer. The ability to transport your customers to another world constructed by you creates an extremely high level of immersion that was not possible before VR. This increased immersion allows for evocative advertising that is more personal and more interactive for the customer. 

Right now VR is still a new technology with many marketers still figuring out how best to use it but this will not always be the case. Market predictions have been made that suggest the VR industry could grow to 34 billion dollars by 2022. Therefore, it is important to begin using it now for early adoption before the virtual world becomes a shark frenzy between Digital Marketers over virtual ad space. Digital Marketers can gain experience and understanding of creating content and advertising for VR before it gets overly expensive and competitive. 

All of the things digital marketers try to achieve with good content by being engaging, emotive and immersive, are all enhanced in VR. A customer’s senses are fully engaged in VR. They cannot be distracted by phones or trappings from their own world as they are effectively transported to a new one.

Virtual Reality Titanic OMDIGI

While VR may not be the future of digital marketing, it’s definitely poised to play a big role in the future. Digital Marketers need to learn how to use this exciting technology so that they can take their customers on a magic carpet ride to a whole new virtual world.